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Montegra Capital Resources

About Us

Group3-5007For over 43 years, Montegra Capital Resources, LTD has been the acknowledged leader in funding Colorado hard money loans.   Montegra was createding 1971 by Bob Amter when he realized that banks and institutional lenders were unable to provide the creative and useful commercial real estate funding that commercial real estate investors such as himself needed.


Over $350,000,000 of Hard Money Loans Funded


Mr. Amter has directed Montegra through many “boom and bust” real estate cycles and has the experience and depth of understanding to get loan requests

fundedin a professional way.  Under Mr. Amter’s leadership, Montegra has funded over $350,000,000 of Colorado hard money loans.  Despite the challenges of thecurrent commercial real estate market, Mr. Amter and the rest of the experienced Montegra team have the experience to help savvy commercial real estateinvestors take advantage of the opportunities that are available right here and now.


Direct Money Lender – Not a Loan Broker


Montegra has complete control over the funds issued and the decisions made. By working with a local private capital hard money lender such as Montegra,borrowers avoid paying the extra costs involved with using a commercial loan broker.  Montegra is able to respond within 24 hours to loan requests and toclose and fund loans in less than 30 days because borrowers always deal directly with a principal of the company rather than with an intermediary.



These are the top values you need to see in your hard money lenders

Good hard money lenders can be hard to come by. Indeed, figuring out the very best people to work with and the best companies to trust with this very important and yet complex topic can be difficult. That's why when you are getting ready to embark on a hard money lending journey you need the very best in the business. It's why you need to work with folks at Montegra Capital Resources. They are the kind of company that you know you can trust with your hard money lending needs. They have been working in this field for over forty four years, which makes them the Colorado leader in hard money lending. When the banks just are not fitting your lending needs, you need to have an alternative to work with. The team at Montegra Capital Resources was founded for that very reason and they are ready and able to help you get the most out of your hard money loan.

So what does this hard money lending actually look like in practice? And how can you be sure that you are getting the kind of high quality hard money lending advice that you need to be successful? There are a few core values that the folks at Montegra Capital Resources have built their business on. This foundation of strong core principles makes them the kind of team that you know you can trust to do right by you when you are working with private money lenders. Here are a few of the things that they abide by, and the principles that really set them apart from the rest.

To start with, they work quickly. They know that if you are looking for a hard money loan, it is likely because traditional lending sources have failed to meet your needs. With this in http://www.montegra.commind, they work quickly and professionally to make sure that you are able to pounce on the business opportunities that are in front of you. Without this speed, many great opportunities can be lost, so they make sure that they help you meet those needs by moving quickly. Additionally, they are built on flexibility. Without the hard and fast rules that banks put in place, Montegra is in a unique position to offer lending opportunities that are more suited to your needs rather than the needs that the banks have predetermined. There are no hard lines about property types, vacancy rates, debt service coverage, or the other things that tend to block people from getting the loans they need. They are able to make things happen for you that others are simply unable to.

In addition to this flexibility and speed, fair pricing is a cornerstone of their business model. You won't have to be afraid of the getting pushed out because of fees and interest rates. They keep these at the lowest end of the hard money lending fee spectrum to make opportunities possible for you. When you need to get a hard money loan, Montegra Capital Resources is truly the best place to turn to!

Hard Money Lenders Can Help You With a Higher Interest Loan

When you are on the way to being an investor in different properties, you may need help along the way. While you are trying to get properties purchased and rented, you may come upon some properties that you cannot get financing for through a regular lending institution. The property may need fixing up and cannot pass inspection. You may realize that you may not be able to purchase it until you get these things taken care of and you know that you can't take care of them unless you purchase them first. So you may consider getting a bridge loan to help you with the process. The company of Montegra Capital Resources, LTD. will help you with the loan that you need until your can get regular financing. They can give you a higher interest rate loan than you can get at a bank or other lending institution. They will loan you the money and use your property that you are buying as the collateral that protects them. The loan will be at a higher interest rate but you will usually end up only paying the interest until you can get your property fixed up to pass inspection. Once they pass inspection, you will be able to get a regular loan and pay off the bridge loan.

Hard money lenders are their to help those who for a financial situation that may exist, they are not able to get a regular loan for a property. Because of their financial situation they may approach a hard money lender so that they can get the property that they want before it's gone. bridge lenderThat way they can start making the payments and building up their credit with the on time payments. When their credit score changes because they are able to fix their credit problems, they are then able to get a lower interest rate with a regular bank loan. This will help by having lower payments. Since they are able to have a good credit score now, they will probably be able to buy their next property with regular financing. By having regular financing, they are able to get regular bank loans with regular financing thus lower interest rates. There are so many options that some people may not even realize. If you have a problem that is keeping you from getting a regular loan, you will do yourself a favor by looking into a hard money loan so that you can get the property that you want. This can be you ticket to having the good credit once again.

hard money loan will be your ticket to getting the properties that you want without having to go through a regular bank. They can loan money when you aren't able to get it somewhere else. Though you pay a higher interest rate, you get the property and you can start building your credit. You can get the properties that you want and will soon be able to get them with regular loans and pay back the bridge loans.


Why Should You Choose A Hard Money Loan?

Hard Money Loans have a lot of advantages over regular bank loans when it comes to house flipping. Flipping a house means that you are buying a house to do repairs on it so that you can sell it for a profit. There are a lot of people who do this for a living, and it can be a very lucrative career path for some. A lot of people will start out doing this with regular bank loans, but many pros would recommend switching over to local hard money loans.

  1. A Hard Money loan is much faster. A typical bank loan takes between thirty and sixty days to close. A hard money loan usually gets the money in your hand in two weeks for less. The speed of which you can get financing is very important. Homes that are prime for flipping are often foreclosures, quick sales, or other sales where the buyer wants the house taken off their hands as fast as possible. Sixty days is a long time to wait or have something go wrong so the owner will usually choose someone who can get financing faster.
  2. A hard money loan can save you money. Home owners who want to sell quickly will often sell to someone who can get financing sooner for a lower price. This price difference can be quite substantial.
    Hard Money Loans
    Hard Money Loans Can Help Flip Homes
  3. A hard money loan does not require an inspection. Inspections are important if you are wanting to move into a home, but the inspection process required for a traditional mortgage loan can end up getting your loan turned down. A hard money loan understands that the purchase is an investment so it will accept homes in a variety of conditions.
  4. A hard money loan does not require a down payment. It does often require another property as insurance though. A traditional mortgage loan usually requires a twenty percent down payment. This down payment does allow a mortgage loan to have a lower down payment and a longer time frame, but this is usually not an issue with house flipping. House flippers usually try and turn the house around as fast as possible, so their goal would be to pay the loan back a lot faster than a traditional loan. In the end, the hard money loan can save the barrower money.
  5. A hard money loan covers the cost of repairs and the price of closing costs. A hard money loan also lets you barrow about seventy percent of the after repair value. This means that you only have to come up with the difference. This is a lot smaller of an amount out of your own pocket needed, especially once the down payment is include for a traditional mortgage loan. This ends up giving you a much larger return value for your money.

Montegra is a hard money lender who take pride in giving you the best interest rates available. They have been in business for over forty years, and can work with you as you start your home flipping business.